Ecotreatments™ solutions are an environmentally conscious approach to meet today’s growing demands for disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable yet effective.

Producing Excelyte™ involves using a simple solution of salt and water to create an environmentally responsible solution with powerful disinfecting characteristics.

Excelyte™ is a powerful antimicrobial solution that is both biodegradable and non-accumulative. The key active ingredient, 0.46% hypochlorous acid, is a naturally occurring molecule synthesized from an electrolyzed solution of salt and water.

Excelyte,™ produced by our EcaFlo™ electrolytic cell, is capable of meeting industrial performance standards in quality, reliability, and production capabilities. When energized with a constant DC current, our ECA cells produce an Excelyte™ solution containing a minimum of 500 ppm FAC (free available chlorine).


When exposed to environmental conditions, Excelyte™ quickly degrades into salt and water leaving no ecological footprint.

Much like the human body immune system, Excelyte™ is an antimicrobial solution formed from naturally occurring elements. Excelyte™ attacks an array of microbial organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microbial spores. This process is chemically selective with no toxic or mutanogenic side effects for higher forms of life.

  • Excelyte™ is non-flammable and contains no alcohol.
  • It can be transported as a non-chemical with no strict HAZMAT requirements
  • Excelyte™ is made up of 99.5% water and is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.
  • Excelyte™ kills viruses and bacteria offering a better alternative to the harmful chemicals in use today for disinfecting and sanitizing.