Production of Medications for Online Pharmacies and Conventional Drugstores

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are several groups of enterprises. The leading ones are synthetic pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, antibiotic manufacturing plants, and manufacturing plants for pharmaceutical and finished drugs for conventional drugstores and online pharmacies. You can find an extensive list of online pharmacies here. Conventional drugstores can be found on the streets.Production of Medications for Online Pharmacies and Conventional Drugstores

How are medications produced?

The industrial production of synthetic medications is based on the widespread use of organic synthesis, which brings these enterprises closer to the basic chemistry industry.

Antibiotic enterprises are joined in a special group. This happens due to the fact that the basis of the technological process for producing these drugs lies in biological synthesis.

A characteristic feature of plants for the production of galenic pharmaceutical and prepared dosage forms is the release of a large number of different medications in the form of liquid extracts and tinctures, injection solutions in ampoules, tablets, dragees, plasters, etc.

In the production of medications, both raw materials of plant and animal origin are widely used, as well as obtained by chemical synthesis. The most common is chemical raw materials. Mineral raw materials are used for the production of inorganic salts, as well as ingredients for differet synthesis of organic compounds. A large number of mineral acids and alkalis are used.

Technological operations upon receipt of drugs are divided into preparatory, the actual processes for obtaining a drug, final and additional operations.

Preparatory operations include storage, transfer of solid, liquid and gaseous materials, their transformation: grinding and crushing of solid raw materials, separation of solids, removal of liquids and gases from them using the methods of sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, cooling, crystallization, vacuum, etc.

The processes of obtaining drugs themselves are based on metabolic, thermal, electrochemical, biological processes, electrolysis, etc. At this stage of the technological process, sulfonation, nitration and halogenation reactions, amination and oxidation are widely used.

At the final stage, the drugs are dried, crushed, tabletted, ampouled, packaged and delivered to the distributor.

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