Oil & Gas

The Smart Choice in Oilfield Treatments

Excelyte® is an EPA-registered, highly potent biocide, H2S scavenger, and water cleaner with multiple uses in the Oil and Gas industry. Unlike hazardous biocides and scavengers traditionally used in Oil and Gas operations, Excelyte's® active ingredient is derived from naturally occurring minerals. Excelyte® contains no harsh chemicals and leaves behind no environmental footprint.

Demonstrated Results

Biocide | Download Brochure

  • Eliminates bacteria found in the well bore, casing, tubing, lines, compressor, treater, dump, and tanks
  • Prevents pipe and equipment loss
  • Results in a safer production site environment
  • Delivers a cleaner production system

H2S & Iron Sulfide Scavenger | Download Brochure

  • Reduces or completely eliminates H2S in the well bore, gas lines and sales line, water and production tanks, and in the water phase
  • Reduces or completely eliminates H2S in oil production, improving product quality
  • Destroys the bacteria that is the root cause of H2S, rather than merely masking the symptoms
  • Increases the longevity of surface and sub-surface equipment
  • Flushes iron sulfide out of the system, making it inert
  • Results in a safer environment for everyone involved in production, transportation, processing, and disposal

Water Cleaner | Download Brochure

  • Reduces scales found in produced water
  • Kills the bacteria which cause plugging of pipes, treaters, and filters
  • Eliminates H2S in water, creating a safer disposal process
  • Eradicates pathogens from water, resulting in easier reuse or disposal
  • Enables water in the field to be reused instead of disposed of, saving money on both disposal costs and the costs of bringing in new water to a site

Prevents scales, paving, and solid buildups | Download Brochure

  • Eliminates the scale buildup on casings and in tubing, pipelines, treaters, dumps, and tanks
  • Eliminates paving in pipelines and surface equipment
  • Improves the pH of produced water, making it softer and removing the ability of the scale to adhere to metal
  • Prevents the ability of iron sulfide to build up in the well system

Proven Cost Savings

All around cleaning agent

  • When added to drilling mud, Excelyte® kills bacteria that may be in the drilling fluids, leaving you a cleaner medium to drill with
  • When added to frac water, Excelyte® creates a stronger kill with far less side effects than traditional biocides, and is compatible with frac fluids
  • When used in gas wells, Excelyte® eliminates any bacteria, iron sulfides, or H2S-producing mediums in the well prior to swabbing and being brought back online
  • When used in hot oil trucks, Excelyte® prevents cross-contamination from other wells or water sources
  • When used in coil units, Excelyte® is one of the most effective scavengers and biocides, and will also protect the well and coil units against contamination
  • When used with workover rigs, Excelyte® eliminates any bacteria in the well and any cross-contamination before the equipment is placed back into the well and put into production
  • Excelyte®-treated production water can be reused, which removes the need to dispose of the water and provides a recycling opportunity, resulting in reduced expenses for disposal, trucking, and purchasing new water for completions
  • In pipelines, Excelyte® destroys biofilm and bacteria that corrode and break down pipes and equipment
  • In disposal wells, Excelyte® reduces well pressure caused by biofilm and build up, extending the life of filters and pumps and creating a safer environment when the filters eventually need to be replaced
  • When used as any type of flush, Excelyte® eliminates H2S and dangerous bacteria that contaminate lines, wells, treaters, tanks, or any surface equipment, thereby eliminating a serious hazard for the workers performing the maintenance